Our Objectives

Policy Objectives
  • To enhance capacity to mitigate and reduce natural disasters, risks and vulnerability,
  • To increase resilience of coastal settlement and infrastructure
  • To increase access to adequate, safe, secure and affordable shelter,
  • To improve and accelerate housing delivery in the rural areas,
  • To establish a framework to coordinate human settlements development,
  • To promote resilient urban infrastructure development, maintenance and management

Works Sub-Sector:

  • Establishing a comprehensive, robust, motivated & sustained human resource base and management system for efficient services delivery.
  • Providing high quality, streamlined, transparent and timely delivery of services to support the public and private sectors.
  • Employing modern technology in the operations of the sector to satisfy stakeholders.
  • Achieve financial self-sustainability for its entire operations and value for money for the sector’s clients.
  • Attain high positive public image.

Housing Sub-Sector:

    • Institutional strengthening in the housing sub-sector.
    • Reduced social conflict issues in land acquisition.
    • Improve support to Private Sector Real Estate developers (PSRED).
    • Improve housing sector management and transparency.
    • Enhanced policy and regulatory framework and effective coordination among key government agencies to improve the performance of the mining sector.
    • Enhanced international; and regional cooperation.

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